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Here Are Some Household Items That Need to be Dry Cleaned

Updated: Dec 30, 2022

When one thinks about dry cleaning, many assumptions tend to be ideated both on the individual and macro levels.

One of these false presumptions is that dry cleaning is a service ostensibly used solely for clothing apparel. However, this couldn’t be farther from the truth.

Any item that has fabric can be potentially used for dry cleaning. Therefore, it’s good to know what items can be taken to a dry cleaners and which ones are exempt.

Here’s a list we put together that shows items that can be unequivocally used for dry cleaning.


As with mattresses, many people forget that your comforter can be taken to the dry cleaners, too. In fact, these items are one of the more pressing ones that need to be taken to your dry cleaning professional.

Blue and white bed comforter by ArielGlenn via Wikimedia Commons.

And while these can technically be thrown into a washing machine (and if you choose to, make sure you read the tag), most don’t have the capacity to house all of your bed spreads. So you won’t get an effective cleaning in comparison to taking it to the cleaners. Additionally, these can be very difficult to dry on your own, too.

Shower Curtains

To the average homeowner, dry cleaner ones shower curtains might not be on the forefront of their minds in terms of a possibility for this. Of course, these can also simply be put in a washing machine with care, but the general fabric used with these tend to be very tenuous, thereby making these quintessential items to be used at a dry cleaner.

Fancy shower curtain by user Pxhere.

If you choose to wash these at your abode, then make sure to dry them before hanging them up again because they will get moldy.


House rug in a living room by user via Pixnio.

While carpets and rugs alike are generally fine if they are frequently vacuumed, staining is pretty much guaranteed at some point. If you want to try a DIY technique for this, we recommend using shaving cream on the stained area and working it in with a damp rag after brushing the cream into the stain. Of course, this is another perfect item to defer for dry cleaning, too.


Pillows on a hotel bed by Amin via Wikimedia Commons.

If you want to clean your pillows yourself, this can be very meticulous, odious and even tricky. With decorative pillows, for example, you will likely have to employ a combination of spot cleaning and soap with cold water to treat any stains. For other pillows you will want to be gentle with them as possible during the washing process. Overall, we recommend dropping these off at Grand Cleaners for all of your cleaning needs, as this is much easier and will save you time.


House drapes by Spasimir Pilev via Wikimedia Commons.

These kinds of household items have their place—that is to provide an aesthetic accent to your windows. They have a utilitarian purpose, too, given they can filter light and keep warm air inside your home. However, drapes can also get dirty by collecting dust on a routine basis. Overall, you should give these up to us at Grand Cleaners, especially if your drapes are wool or velvet.

Read on about how the benefits of dry cleaning can improve your overall quality of life.

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