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Here's a List of 7 Things You Need to Take to the Dry Cleaners

Updated: Nov 25, 2022

While some clothes do not make the list for taking to the cleaners, there are others that need to be prepped and ready for dry cleaning.

In fact, the list we are about to give you entails the most applicable garments you can set aside for dry cleaning so that you can save time in your day.

Here’s a list of fabrics we have made for you that extrapolate on fabrics that will typically need professional attention.

Embellished apparel

A hand-stitched handkerchief in a front pocket by craftivist collective via Flikr.

Some examples of embellished clothing for fabrics would include ones that have beads, metal studs, or others that are hand-stitched or fraile. If you were to put these types of clothes through a wash cycle, then it could spell disaster for your wardrobe. To minimize any damages, take these to Grand Cleaners, as we handle all of these types of clothing variations.

Clothes that are stained beyond repair

Pepper gray stains on cotton clothing by Nemo bis via Wikimedia Commons.

We understand that stains are just a part of life. In fact, many stains can either be hand washed or put through a conventional washing machine. However, ones that have enmeshed, intractable stains need to be handled by a dry cleaning professional. You can be rest assured these stains will come out.

Pleated clothing

Gray linen pleated dress by Hunt Museum via Wikimedia Commons.

This is one of the more obvious items on this list. Case in point: if any apparel has pleating, it needs to go to the dry cleaners. Our professionals can preserve both your folds and pleats throughout.

Suede and leather

Black suede jacket by Free For Commercial Use Fashion Lifestyle via Flikr.

It’s best to opt for giving these types of clothes to us, at Grand Cleaners—we specialize with these sorts of items. We can reduce the risk of seeing cracks and shrivels that may appear in this type of fabric; and you also won’t have to worry about any shrinkage either.


Fur coat jacket by dvsmetanina via Pixabay.

While these aren’t as commonly worn as the previously stated fabrics, it is worth mentioning that furs absolutely need to be dry cleaned without question. These types of clothing have very delicate material and can easily dry out and become ossified.


Sports coat suit jacket by user via PxHere.

Again, these tend to be colloquially considered as an obvious item to elect for dry cleaning, but it is worth mentioning to those who might be unfamiliar with some of the basic tenets of apparel cleaning.

But sports jackets and suits are a given to take to the dry cleaners, especially if you took it upon yourself to do some spot cleaning and have yielded little results. By choosing to take these to Grand Cleaners, you will also add longevity to these clothes that will last you for years to come.

Lined clothes

Adult wearing a jacket outside of a building by user via PxHere.

You see these with some of the more fancy clothing options—jackets, skirts, dresses, etc.—that default for a good old fashioned dry cleaning. This is generally because using merely water won’t be sufficient enough to break apart the interlinings of the fabric.

At Grand Cleaners, we pride ourselves on years upon years of experience. As your dry cleaning experts in Indianapolis, you can reliably count on us to get the job done. Check out this other post for how to take care of your clothes.

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