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When Should You Dry Clean? The Answer is Complicated

Updated: Oct 28, 2022

It’s a question that some people at some point or other come about in their day-to-day routine: how often should I dry clean my clothes? Because it is a very important activity. After all, the invention of dry cleaning goes quite far back in human history.

Of course, if you are going out of your way to a special occasion like a wedding, fundraiser or a birthday party, then you will likely need to dry clean your clothes in the weeks leading up to the event.

However, many people tend to wonder about the long term effects of dry cleaning, as well as the frequency one should adopt when thinking about the long term.

Fortunately, we have a vast array of experience to draw back on to help you come to a rational conclusion given your specific situation.

First off, you need to assess how often you’ve worn the particular garment you want to dry clean. Most items that are deemed “dry cleaning only” and are worn four to five times in total need to be dry cleaned by a professional.

Apparel of this type would include business suits, button-down shirts, dresses and others.

Business suit by user via Pxhere.

However, if you want to save money, we suggest you elect to hang up your clothes after you’re done using them instead of folding. If you choose the latter option, then you’ll have to take these items to a dry cleaners more often.

Although one of the caveats to this is that if you have a piece of clothing that has stains or has collected an excessive amount of moisture over the years, then they will have to be cleaned at a higher rate.

With that said, every situation—or rate of dry cleaning—is different depending on the clothing in question. So if you have special items like prom or wedding dresses, these need to be cleaned after each use.

As mentioned previously, every clothing item is different. Some apparel don’t need to be dry cleaned at all, like ones made from natural fibers. It should be noted, however, that you should spot test the fabric to determine this to the utmost clarity.

Now, with specialty fabrics, you will most likely want to take these to a dry cleaning professional, like Grand Cleaners. Some examples of these types of fabrics are wool and silk, both of which can be difficult to clean on your own. The main reason to defer these types of fabrics to a professional is simply because they are fragile in their fabric makeup.

A subject modeling a wedding dress by Milivojevic via Pixnio.

Again, if you want to instill some longevity in your clothes, then we suggest a number of things to attain this. One of the ways is to make sure to machine wash your generic clothing in cold water. Next, if you have any stains—which are inevitable for virtually everyone—make sure to treat different stains with particular clarity. For example, blood stains are much different than a simple milk stain, and thus should be treated differently.

Finally, make sure not to overload your washing machine. This is certainly an easy thing to do, but this contributes to fabric erosion over time. For more on our services and other information related to dry cleaning, check out our site at Grand Cleaners.

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