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Professional Dry Cleaning Benefits

Updated: Jun 10, 2022

At the end of the day, you will be hard-pressed—no pun intended—to go without purchasing an item of apparel that has a tag saying “Dry Clean Only.”

You may be wondering what happens if you were to put these types of clothing in the washing machine. We highly recommend that you abstain from this, as there is a probable chance of damaging your new purchase.

Overall, there are many professional dry cleaning benefits for opting to professionally dry clean your clothes.

Dry cleaners can remove intractable stains

Interior of a generic dry cleaning service by Simon Law via Wikimedia Commons.

If you have ever spilled one of the more tougher stains on your clothes like from red wine or tomato sauce for example, then you’ll know the inevitable, odious task of removing it, especially if it’s one of your more important items of clothing.

Of course, don’t opt to throw it away; and abstain from using any stain removers on dry-clean-only garments as this can make the stains more difficult to remove. Luckily, dry cleaning can dissolve oils and grease to give your clothes that silky smooth shine to it.

Your clothes will last longer

A men’s classic tuxedo by Mark Milivojevic by Pixnio.

Over time, clothes put in the washing machine can gradually lose fabric integrity, resulting in a constant breakdown. Unfortunately, the spin cycle puts a substantial amount of stress on the fabrics, and the fibers can wear down considerably after just a few washes. In contrast, the dry cleaning process puts your clothing through a closely-surveilled, careful and meticulous process so that it retains its original shape by the end.

Dry cleaning saves you time in the process

Putting aside clothes that are exclusively made for dry cleaning, the overall washing and drying process can take up quite a bit of anyone’s time. This is especially true if you have to do this process by hand, too. Instead, you can spend your time focusing on issues exponentially important to your day—kids, family, friends, work, etc. Through this option, your day starts to take on a new tune that is more catered to your hard-earned rest and relaxation.

Your delicate fabrics are far more likely to be preserved

Sleepover pajamas by Angela via Flikr.

You may notice many clothes and fabrics tend to lose their shape thanks to the washing and drying process, which is especially true of towels. Surprisingly, even the more gentler cycle settings can still affect your clothes. Essentially, you will want to defer to dry cleaners for specific clothing items like pleated clothes, blazes, neckties and other fabrics like cashmere and acrylic.

Rest assured, professional dry cleaners have the expertise to handle your most sensitive clothes

Fabric wedding dresses by user via Pxhere.

In a typical laundry cycle, you will often have to fold, iron store your apparel. Of course, a professional dry cleaning service handles this entire process for you. A seasoned typical professional will also be sure to pay close attention to detail to your clothes. So why trust yourself when you can let someone else handle the work who has been doing this for longer than the average person?

For more on our services and other professional dry cleaning benefits involving, press, alterations, repairs and more, check out our main page at Grand Cleaners.

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