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Top Qualities that Make a Good Dry Cleaning Business

Updated: Jun 3, 2022

As seasoned veterans in this industry drawing upon years of experience, we have decided to give you some characteristics that constitute a successful, reliable and credible dry cleaning business.

With the plethora of cleaners to choose from—albeit depending on your specific region—and the importance of your apparel for the day-to-day routine, it then becomes paramount to vet your options.

After all, this is your livelihood and your image—both of which can be important for your daily tasks.

Here are some top factors that separate our business from others. We hope this also acts as a guide to your dry cleaning process wherever you may be.

Check the damage policies of the respective cleaner

Unfortunately, everyone makes mistakes, including your dry cleaning professionals. And while these errors may be few in number, it’s crucial to assess the policies of your local cleaners in the event they lose or damage your clothes.

Dry cleaning by Daniel X. O’Neil via Flikr.

If this occurs, it’s important to examine what the cleaner’s policy is so that you can get some form of subsequent reimbursement in the event of lost or damaged items.

Hopefully, yours will have policies set in place to address these issues.

Versatility and flexibility

This often gets overlooked, but finding a dry cleaner that can also adhere to your schedule is important, too. While many cleaners are open from typical business hours from 9am to 5pm, parking can also become an issue if it is scarce or inaccessible during busy hours.

A dry cleaning rack by Malingering via Flikr.

If your dry cleaning is only open during these exclusive times, then you should check to see whether they have a delivery service. This is especially true if you work during the day and simply can’t afford to sacrifice any part of your day to go to the cleaners.

At Grand Cleaners, we are open from 7am to 7pm along with same-day service if you drop off your items before 9am.


Another obvious concern with any cleaner is whether they have the capacity to provide a quality cleaning service. One easy way to do this is to test it out yourself by dropping off a simple collared shirt you may not care as much about to see whether it comes out the way you want.

Dry cleaning machinery by user via Pxhere.

You can also go the safer route by researching the cleaners to see whether their Yelp! reviews are up to a positive standard. We also recommend checking their website to determine how much experience they have.

Our owner at Grand Cleaners has three decades of experience, so we have you covered if you choose to leave your clothing items with us.

Other services

If you happen to find a cleaners that can do a full-scale cleaning, then you should definitely put this at the top of your dry cleaner list.

How modern day dry cleaning works by Science via YouTube.

You’d typically be hard-pressed to find cleaners that do both laundry and dry cleaning, but if you do, then these should be underscored as a high quality dry cleaner company.

You never know what’s going to happen to your clothes on any given day, so make sure you leave your items with a cleaner you trust. For more dry cleaning business tips, make sure to check out our other blog posts for more information.

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