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7 Things You May Not Have Known about Dry Cleaning

Updated: Nov 11, 2022

Dry cleaning is a very important part of any pile of clothes regardless of whether it’s tailored to your specific needs or simply casual wear.

Here are 10 things you probably didn’t know about dry cleaning.

Dry cleaning is not a ‘dry’ process

A dry cleaning rack in process by user via Pixnio.

This is a common misconception, mainly because this process typically involves chemical solvents which don’t penetrate water as effectively as water does.

Dark colored silks can work

Silk fabric by user via Pxhere.

It’s always good practice to be skeptical of which clothes you can leave for dry cleaning and others that aren’t suitable for the process. So if you think your dark colored silks are exempt from a good dry cleaning, then you should try reconsidering this!

In addition, while you can opt to hand-wash these, they’re especially difficult to maintain. Some of the more cumbersome detractors include having to deal with bleeding colors, but you also need to have a contingency plan for washing with the correct temperature, cleaning agent and correct form of drying. To save yourself the headache, consider using us at Grand Cleaners instead.

Pleated clothes

Pleated empire dress with belt by Maria via Flikr.

Pleated clothes generally start to lose the pleats as time progresses. One great way to assess whether your pleated clothes need to be addressed for a dry cleaning is to check for the pleats in general. If you can’t find them, then take them to us where we can preserve the pleats and even restore them, too. Just make sure to inform your dry cleaner beforehand of the pattern you want.


A kangaroo fur coat by South Australian History Network via Flikr.

While some may deem it as controversial to take your furs to a dry cleaner, you will likely be imparting more material damage by opting to wash it at your place. For starters, if you wash your fur at home, this will cause the skin on the underside to shrink and progressively lose its elasticity once exposed to water. Instead, you should opt to give this to a professional dry cleaner like us who are experienced with handling these type of materials with no issues.

Leather jackets and suede

A leather jacket by Alec Xander via Wikimedia Commons.

This is another common misconception in the dry cleaning business. However, suede and leather jackets are not meant to be hand-washed at home. Like with fur, you encounter a probable chance of damaging these if you try to do it yourself. Instead, send it to us and we will lessen the chances of cracks and wrinkles showing up on your leather jackets and suedes.


House rug in living room by user via Pxhere.

It’s probably one of the more common blots on a carpet—wine stains. Typically, your dry cleaner can handle this with ease and take the stress off your shoulders in-turn. If this is too difficult of a task, then they will give it to someone else (with your permission) who can handle it.

It’s all voluntary wash and fold services

Putting jeans into a washing machine by Marco Verch Professional via Flikr.

At Grand Cleaners, we pride ourselves on handling your washing and folding services. We can handle some of the more bulkier items at your home including tablecloths, blankets and comforters. Give us a call today to get started! For a more commercialized perspective, read our dry cleaning business tips post.

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