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The Advantages of Dry Cleaning Your Clothes

Updated: Dec 2, 2022

There’s a common assumption that dry cleaning is a service for those with high paying white collar jobs and is not needed for anyone else.

Unfortunately this view leads many people to view dry cleaning services as an added expense that is beyond their means. Having professionals clean and press your garments can feel luxurious, and it should, but don’t let that convince you that it’s not also a necessary service.

People in all situations and careers should be making use of dry cleaning services. Whether you’re looking for a job, trying to care for delicate garments, or maintain a professional presence, having your clothes professionally dry cleaned is the best way to present yourself in the best light.

There are several advantages of dry cleaning clothes that make the process an absolute necessity for anyone with delicate garments or want to look their absolute best.

neatly pressed shirts hanging up

Who Should Be Using Dry Cleaning Services?

Everyone has garments that require specialty care, and sadly they tend to get tossed in the wash with everything else. While many garments may be designed for machine wash, it doesn’t mean that it will maintain its appearance over time with that kind of treatment.

Let’s break down the types of garments that should be professionally cleaned to give you a better idea of whether or not you can make use of this service.

1.) Professionals: Being a professional in the world today can be stressful, hectic, and awfully intimidating. Everyday the competition gets tougher as everyone vies for the top spots. It’s more important than ever to show up as professional and prepared as possible to secure your career desires. A great way to secure your spot on the top contenders for a new job is with a great first impression. Showing up in pressed attire that is wrinkle-free will shine a great light on you in the eyes of the interview as it highlights your care and attention to detail

2.) Owners of Delicate Garments: As mentioned above, most people have some delicate items in their closet that they either machine wash without concern or attempt to clean on cold and low settings for the safest results. If you own any articles of clothing that require delicate care, from shirts of expensive fabric, tailored pieces, or designer items, it’s imperative for the longevity of the piece to only have it professionally cleaned. The great thing about dry cleaning services is that they can tailor the cleaning to match the exact needs of your delicate and expensive pieces. The professional cleaners have years of experience with all kinds of materials and techniques for care.

3.) People With Stained Clothes: Everyone has stained their clothes at some point in time. The world is a messy place full of opportunity to ruin some of our favorite articles of clothing. Whether you’re a messier eater than you care to admit, or you slip and fall on a rainy day. These things can happen but they can have devastating results on your clothes. To make matters worse, the stains can often become permanent or harder to treat because people try removing them on their own. The best course of action when staining occurs is to leave it be and take it into the dry cleaners for them to handle.

What Makes Dry Cleaning Services Better Than Machine Washing

The difference in cleaning quality between a washing machine and a dry cleaning service is so vast that it’s almost unfair to compare. But considering these are the two main avenues for having clothes cleaned, we must break down what separates the two.

Washing machines can vary quite a bit in terms of their ability to clean, some newer ones have done well to fix the issues of previous models. What remains the same for all though however, is that it is still in essence just a tub of water that spins and shakes. Regardless of setting and features, washing machines have yet to go beyond the basic ability to soak your clothes with water and soap and then agitate it..

Dry cleaning however is a very different process for cleaning garments that can be much safer for clothing items that are made of fabrics that are sensitive to water and heat.

The term dry cleaning actually refers to the process of washing clothes with no water. Instead garments are cleaned in a solution that doesn’t contain water. It cleans the surface of fibers without soaking them. The process can be done without the introduction of heat that may shrink or harm delicate materials.

Following the cleaning, clothes will be steamed or pressed to remove wrinkles and leave garments crisp and clean. Any missing buttons or minor tears can be addressed as well.

professional clothes after dry cleaning services

Make The Jump To Dry Cleaning

Dry cleaning delivers the best possible clean at an incredible value per item. Just like how you would trust a doctor with your healthcare needs, trust the garment cleaning experts to make your clothes look exceptional.

The service is affordable and available for everyone with all kinds of clothing care needs.

For information on some of our more ancillary services, check out our post about home cleaning solutions post for your next cleaning project.

Grand Cleaners Will Care For Your Clothes

Here at Grand Cleaners we expertly clean and press your clothes with our eco-friendly and trusted cleaning solutions. With 30 years of experience and three generations of cleaners, we have the knowledge for handling your valued articles of clothing. To learn more about how we can care for your delicate and formal pieces call us at (317) 253-1525 or contact us here!

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